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5 things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

Why small incremental change has the biggest impact

You wouldn’t change everything at once if you were going on a diet and the same can be said for living more sustainably. In fact, studies show trying to do too much at once actually has the opposite effect. Remember, it’s the small things we do everyday that really add up. Here are five simple – but impactful – ways to start. 


It sounds simple enough but most of us are pretty bad at turning the lights off. Only light the rooms that you’re immediately using, or as a rule of thumb, choose only four lights to have on at any one time. It’ll also save you on those nasty power bills. 

Eat less meat 

We’re not talking about going vegan, but reducing the amount of meat you consume isn’t just great from a health perspective, it’s great from an environmental one too. Practice ‘Meatless Monday’ or if you really can’t go without try halving your portion size instead. You’ll be surprised by the benefits. 

Switch to natural products 

Many mainstream personal care products are brimming with petrochemicals derived from crude oil, as well as palm oil, which has a devastating effect on the environment and wildlife. Switch to natural products that skip the toxins and are cruelty free. 

Divert your food scraps 

Did you know over a third of household waste is food waste? You can significantly reduce the food waste you send to landfill by diverting them to either a compost bin or a worm farm. Not only is it pretty satisfying knowing you’re doing better, you’ll also end up with a pretty good veggie or herb patch thanks to the natural fertiliser.  

Reduce – or say no – to single use plastic 

You remember to take your bags to the supermarket each time you shop, but how about adding other changes like refusing straws, coffee cups or water bottles. Fashion yourself together a basic zero-waste kit just with the essentials and keep it on hand you wherever you go.  

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