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Our hit list of the best reusable straws

From glass to silicon, these straws don’t suck

Up until recently using a straw was almost second nature. Whether it was a drink at the bar (gin and tonic please!), a smoothie at a juice bar and even a kids milkshake, a straw was a given. And in fact Australians on average use about 10 million straws per day – or 3.5 billion a year and most are used just once and then thrown away. There’s little wonder they’re causing major issues for our oceans. We think one of the best alternatives is to use your lips – as nature intended, (who knew!) but there are lots of great reusable options that we love too. Here are some of our favourites. 


Seastraws are made from Borosilicate glass – meaning they’re pretty resilient despite their delicate appearance. Available in a range of sizes – from cocktails to smoothies – you can mix and match or buy as a set. They come with their own pouch and cleaning brush and 5 per cent of Seastraw’s profits goes to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy.  

Toko Eco 

We love these stainless steel smoothie straws that come in a handy bamboo carry case that’s perfect for keeping them damage free in the bottom of your bag. Keep them clean by rinsing straight away after each use. They also come with a cleaning brush.


If you prefer bendy straws then it’s hard to go past this rose gold pair from Tropeaka. They’re made from BPA free, food-grade stainless steel and come in a set of two with a cleaning brush. 

Ball Mason 

You know their mason jars and now Ball Mason has a cool range of straws to match. If glass is your thing, but prefer a bent style, this colourful crew won’t disappoint. The straws are designed to complement Ball Mason’s huge range of jars and lids so it’s easy to create your ideal drink situation.

Frank Green

Whether you love bubble tea or milkshakes, prefer smoothies or green juice, Frank Green has a range of straws in four different sizes that will suit a variety of drinks depending on your taste. They’re made for each of their reusable cups sizes – which is pretty handy if you’re a Frank Green fan – but equally, they’re pretty perfect for whatever cup you choose. They also come in a zip pouch made from recycled nylon. 

Ever Eco silicon straws

Silicon is a great choice for kids and Ever Eco’s pastel range is a favourite. Their four-pack is BPA free, dishwasher safe and comes with its own cleaning brush. They’re available in both straight and bent styles. 


Made in Bali from 100 per cent organic bamboo, these straws are a great natural alternative to straw pollution. They come in a pack of five which means you can have one in your bag, keep some handy at home and give a couple to your loved ones.  

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