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The best non-toxic drink bottles for kids

Keep little ones hydrated and healthy with our roundup of the best non-toxic kids water bottles

The struggle is real. Finding the perfect drink kids bottle is the holy grail of parenting. The one that doesn’t leak, the one that doesn’t have ugly written all over it, and lastly, the one that’s good for them and the environment. BPA – or bisphenol A – and phthalates, both known hormone disrupters are common in many drink bottles. These chemicals cause bigger problems in kids than adults due to their still-developing immune systems and liver (which works hard to detox our bodies). With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best non-toxic drink bottles for kids of all ages.


Bkr have long been our favourites and they’ve recently added ‘teeny’ bottles (250mls) to their already stylish line-up. The bottles are glass with a silicone overlay, so they are a better option for older kids. They’re also sold in sets – perfect for siblings or to have a handy spare. 

Why we love them; double the fun


Contigo bottles are as robust as they come. Our own children have put these tough little cookies through military-like testing and they always come out unscathed, and most importantly, leak-free. They are plastic, however they’re BPA free, and they have a lifetime warranty! Yep, these numbers will be by your little one’s side for a long time to come.

Why we love it; its lifetime warranty


Like Contigo, Thermos knows how to build bottles that last. The flip-top lid is simple to use and the insulated bottle means water stays cold – even in the summer heat. The screw top lid is also big enough to sneak in a few ice cubes. They also come in a variety of great patterns.

Why we love it; its durability

Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel’s new triple insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours, has an integrated carry handle and its non-tilt straw is made from silicon making it easy for younger kids to sip from. They also support Water for People, a not-for-profit clean water program assisting people in developing countries access safe drinking water.

Why we love it; for helping others


Double-walled and leak free means you can throw this beauty in your bag and know it won’t make everything icky and damp. It doesn’t have a straw so it’s pretty easy to clean, plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing no bacteria will build up in hard to reach places. The patterns a mighty cute too.

Why we love it; recyclable 


This neat little stainless steel number boasts a neoprene sleeve with carry loop so it’s super easy to take on the go. It keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cool for 24. And its 500ml capacity make it good for older kids.

Why we love it; easy to carry 


Made from premium food-grade stainless steel, these little bottles are functional and cute. They come in 350ml and 500ml sizes as well as single wall and insulated options that keeps drinks both cold and hot. Cheeki also supports the Surfrider Foundation that works to protect Aussie beaches.Why we love it; the insulated style keeps drinks hot and cold

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