About Us

Green+Simple is a destination for natural, sustainable and ethical living. We work with natural beauty experts, ethical and sustainable fashion advocates and business owners, wellness advisors and zero-waste pros to help inspire change. Whether it’s searching for the best non-toxic beauty finds, simple ways to reduce single-use plastics or uncovering where to find your new favourite sustainably-made t-shirt, we’re here to help. Co-founders Jenny Ringland and Erica Watson have spent more than a decade working as lifestyle writers and editors for leading Australian newspapers and magazines. Having a family was the catalyst for both women to reassess their lifestyles, especially when it came to the beauty and personal care products they used for themselves and their families, the food they ate and their habits as consumers. Green+Simple has been expertly curated by Jenny and Erica as well as leaders in their respective fields. We would never recommend anything we haven’t tried and tested on ourselves, our family or our friends. We’re on a journey to making better choices for ourselves, for the environment, for humankind. One change at a time.