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6 of the best reusable coffee cups

Say bye-bye to takeaway cups with our favourite eco-friendly options

If you’re anything like us, your morning coffee is LIFE! But coffee cup pollution is a big deal, with billions of cups ending up in landfill each year. A small change can make huge difference in the war on waste so that’s why we’ve compiled our favourite reusable coffee cups for your morning caffeine pleasure – enjoy!


These nifty numbers aren’t just about providing a cool cup for your morning cap, they’re tackling landfill head on by being the only offering on the market that’s actually made from coffee cup waste. They’re the result of former Dyson designer, Dan Dicker, they don’t leak, are fully insulated and are 100 per cent recyclable.

Pottery for the Planet

These ceramic cups bring us joy every morning when we’re lining out for our double-shot flat white. They’re handmade from ceramic and feature a silicon lid. A work of art to savour your morning caffeine hit!


One of the originals, KeepCup have the varieties and sizes to appeal to just about everyone – even the Star Wars enthusiasts among us! They have plastic and glass varieties – depending on your jam – and the smaller sizes are also great for little one’s babycinos or milk shakes.

Frank Green

BPA free and Visa payWave activated, these cups are revolutionising how we go about everyday transactions. You can customise your colours and they now have a stainless-steel offering too. And their water bottles are pretty cool too.


We recently purchased a Sol cup after lusting over them for months, and using it has provided great daily joy. Made from glass, they feel delicate yet durable and the silicon sleeve and lid can be purchased separately. They have a great range of colours, especially the pastels.

Clay cups

You know a collaboration between and barista and a ceramic artist can only produce good things, and Clay Cups are no exception. Handmade, they’ve been designed with the urban landscape in mind and the felt cuffs are a point of difference to many of the silicon offerings.

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