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What I really want for Mother’s Day

How to celebrate without costing the Earth  

By Megan Prowd

Mother’s Day is a chance to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her. Whether it’s a handwritten card, a bunch of flowers picked from the garden or that elusive sleep in, it’s often the little touches that mean the most. 

If you ask most mothers, (and especially this mother) this special day is not about gifting or spending, it’s about feeling appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, if a pair of diamond earrings are heading my way this Mother’s Day, then hallelujah. But it really is the simple things that matter, and especially in these times of restrictions and separations, finding ways to connect and give back is more important than ever. Read on for our guide to a well spent Mother’s Day, without the price tag. 

Make her feel loved 

Sounds simple, right? But life is busy, and so are mums – so show your love by giving her (me!) a break for the day. A sleep in, breakfast in bed, a long lunch, or just spending the day with her doing what she wants to do. After all, it’s the little things that count.  

Spend wisely 

Presents are lovely, but they needn’t compromise our sustainability goals. While store-bought cards are pretty, a little hand-drawn card or painting will do us just as nicely, thanks. If you are shopping for gifts, consider spending your cash with businesses that support environmental change or women’s causes. We love Natalie Marie Jewellery for handmade, consciously crafted pieces, and carbon-neutral brand Kip and Co, for vibrant printed linens and pyjamas. Check our Conscious Gift Guide for other options.  

Donate your time 

Consider giving your time to visit a local aged care facility, where many mothers may be spending the day alone. Current restrictions mean that many, many women will be separated from their families this Mother’s Day. If you are without your own mum, invite another mother who may also be alone to spend the day with you. If you can make a commitment beyond the day, give to an organisation that supports women, like Share the Dignity, which raises money to end period poverty. In 2021, their fundraiser Move4Dignity encourages participants to raise money while tracking their involvement in an activity of their choice. 

Give back 

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s annual Mother’s Day Classic has raised over $37 million for breast cancer research in its 23-year history. This year, the event will be a virtual one, with participants taking part in small local events or completing the walk in their own way. In Sydney, the Walk for WAGEC (Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre), takes place on 2 May in Centennial Park, with the aim of raising $100,000 for women and families escaping domestic violence. Or support women in need by donating female toiletries or unused baby items to your local women’s shelter. Here at Green + Simple we will donate our unused personal care samples to a local refuge. 


For all the (very deserving) mothers out there celebrating this Mother’s Day, there are just as many mothers who have lost a child, children who have lost a mother, and mothers who never got to be mothers. Just spare a thought, a phone call, a visit, a handwritten note or whatever you can, for someone experiencing grief or sadness this Mother’s Day.  


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