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8 podcasts we’re listening to right now

By Felicity Bonello

Perhaps you consider yourself someone who lives consciously; maybe you’re wondering what conscious living is all about; or like the vast majority of people you might sit somewhere comfortably in the middle. Sustainability and conscious living are huge topics that cover nearly all aspects of our lives, and they can be confusing! Wherever you are on your life’s journey, here’s our round up of conscious living podcasts. From fashion to the ocean to your home, tune in below – we’ve got you covered. 


The Ocean Impact Podcast follows Co-founders Tim Silverwood and Nick Chiarelli on a journey of discovery as they build OIO and pursue their purpose ‘to transform ocean health through inspiration, innovation and good business’. If you want to join the conversation around having a genuine impact throughout our waterways, this podcast is for you.


WARDROBE CRISIS is a fashion podcast about sustainability, ethical fashion and making a difference in the world. Host Clare Press was the first VOGUE sustainability editor, and each week she interviews international guests about the big issues facing the fashion industry. Currently with over 145 episodes it’s a great place to dive in and learn. 


This podcast is for anyone who needs to slow down, simplify life and focus on things that are truly important. With episodes ranging from 15-60 minutes this is a literal breath of fresh air for anyone who’s been on life’s merry-go-round for far too long. Ranked number one in Health Podcasts on iTunes, this is one of Australia’s longest running health podcasts, and with noteworthy episodes like “How to Make Remote Learning Work For Your Family”, we can see why.


If you’re after practical advice on living a little greener, you can’t go past this podcast from the ABC. With (approximately)11-minute episodes, it’s an easy, quick information fix. Hosted by Fiona Poole, this podcast tackles the challenges of food waste, cleaning sans chemicals, the idea of what to do if you can’t afford an electric vehicle and so much more. The best part is, it’s relatable because Fiona is just trying to work it all out too. 


Short, sharp and to the point – Think Sustainability is a 30-minute podcast that will make you re-think your everyday habits and how they fit into a sustainable world. From electric buses and how algae is changing the future of food, to the Australian honeybee, this show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life, and tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future.


With the tagline of ‘Where what we wear matters’, Conscious Chatter’s weekly offering constantly challenges our thinking of how we view the clothes we buy. Where were they made, what are they made from and who made them? We love host Kestrel Jenkin’s weekly interviews with fashion designers and slow fashion brand founders who share everything from their sustainability journey to how they created a successful fashion brand, their biggest eco challenges and more.


A new-ish one on the block having launched late in 2020, Sustainability Further is hosted by Lottie Dalziel, the founder of eco supplies online store Banish. Episodes are relatively short – from 15-25 minutes, and are designed to make Australians more environmentally sustainable. Lottie chats with activists and industry leaders who all have fire in their belly when it comes to the climate crisis.


Sarah Wilson’s passion for climate justice is woven into her fabric and her passion is clear in all facets of her life. We’ve loved her New York Times bestsellers, including First We Make The Beast Beautiful and her latest book This One Wild and Precious Life, and could not be more excited at the launch of her podcast Wild with Sarah Wilson where she interviews activists and change-makers including Sia, David Pocock and Seth Godin.

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