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Can a personal detox be the key to success?

We ask a women’s business mentor

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At Green + Simple we often talk about the concept of detoxing. It might be detoxing your shower, cleaning out chemicals from under the kitchen sink, creating a low-tox beauty bag or making a point to shop organic where you can. But the same approach can be taken in our personal lives, says mentor, Tory Archbold. In fact, the businesswoman and mother believes that making space by removing stagnant energy or people has incredible abilities to overhaul your life; both personally and professionally.  

Tory founded Powerful Steps, a women’s business mentoring program in 2019 and says that a personal detox comes in many forms. From clearing the energy in your home to moving on from relationships that no longer serve us, simply making space allows us to manifest our best  possible outcomes. 

When you know, you know

Identifying when it’s time to go on a personal detox often comes down to how you’re feeling at the time, says Tory. “Your intuition will speak to you; learn to trust it and that is where the magic of life will start to unfold naturally and with ease,” she explains. 

For many of us, 2020 was a year that we’d happily forget. But for Tory, it actually became a vehicle to reevaluate and make necessary changes.

“Lockdown did us all a favour – we were able to slow down, learn and evolve. I looked at what worked well for me in 2020 and what the challenge points were,” she says. 

“As an entrepreneur, wife and mother you need to appreciate and enjoy what matters most. For me that is family time and working in alignment with my value set.” 

Just start  

Behaviour change, as we know, can be difficult, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of sliding out of your comfort zone and into the great unknown. But Tory insists it’s not only possible, it’s also empowering.

“The only way to embrace this change is to step outside your comfort zone, shake things up and get rid of what is not meant for you in that moment in time,” she says.

Her fool-proof tips include:

 1. Create a morning ritual

“It sets you up for a successful day when you step into it with a focused mindset free from negative thoughts. Mine is simple and starts with three lavender drops in the shower and a meditation ritual based on aligning my values with intent and purpose for the day,” she says.

2. Find your tribe 

“You want to be with people who bring out the best in you because happiness breeds happiness.” 

3. Create boundaries 

“Have your day unfold in alignment with your values, intent and purpose (you can set this intention during your morning ritual). ‘No thank you’ is a powerful word combination, don’t be afraid to use it gently and effectively.”  

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