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Our favourite natural cleaning products

We’ve discovered the best eco-friendly, non-toxic products that work

It feels like there’s new research every other day highlighting the link between household chemicals and health problems such as asthma, allergies and even cancer.  But thankfully having a clean home and toxins no longer go hand-in-hand. The number of natural cleaning brands is expanding at lightning speed, they’re powered by essential oils and even probiotics, and they’re just as effective – if not more – as their traditional bleach-based counterparts. Curious to try some? We enlisted Georgia Lawson, co-founder of The Clean Collective to share her toxin free favourites that smell delicious and will leave your house sparkling.

Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Kitchen Spray

“The Koala Eco range works so well and smells so divine that you actually look forward to using it,’’ Georgia says.

“It’s 100 per cent biodegradable, eco-friendly and plant-derived, cuts through dirt, grime and harmful food-borne bacteria without any toxic chemicals. Plus it’s palm oil free, and I love that they contribute to 1% for the planet.’’

Counter Culture, All Purpose Organic Cleaner, Lavender

“This little bottle contains millions of friendly bacteria that tackle the bad bacteria and turn everything it touches into a happy, healthy ecosystem,’’ says Georgia.

“It’s light and fresh and made with essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. It’s a great all-purpose spray.’’

Abode Ginger & Lemongrass Surface Spray

Naturopath formulated, this natural cleaner is palm oil free and comes in recyclable packaging.

“Derived from plant and mineral ingredients, this particular formula was developed for people with sensitive skin,’’ says Georgia.’’

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, Peppermint

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are so versatile you can use them for virtually any cleaning task.

“Peppermint is my favourite scent for a hair and body wash. It makes you feel so clean you tingle! It’s also great for cleaning floors, laundry, washing fruit and vegetables, dishes, the pets, the list goes on,’’ says Georgia.

“Having one of these in your home means if you run out of most types of cleaners you always have a backup. Also great for camping or travelling.’’

Resparkle All-Purpose Cleaner

“Like all of their products, the Resparkle’s All-Purpose Cleaning formulate is 100 per cent natural and NASAA-certified organic,’’ says Georgia.

“You buy the bottle in a starter pack which includes a reusable bottle, refill pod, copper scrubber and two bamboo microfibre cloths. Once you get through it, you simply buy another refill and which saves money and plastic.’’

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