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Our all-time favourite sustainability podcasts

What to listen to for eco inspiration

We are die-hard podcasters here at G+S HQ. Whether it’s while we’re folding the laundry, on a lunchtime power walk or those rare and blissful moments in the car alone, a good podcast can lift your mood, inspire and empower you all at once. Whether you’re looking for tips to live more sustainably, lower your toxic cup, or just want to listen to insightful conversations between inspiring eco activists, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourites for your listening pleasure. 


With the tagline of ‘Where what we wear matters’, Conscious Chatter’s weekly offering constantly challenges our thinking of how we view the clothes we buy. Where were they made, what are they made from and who made them? We love host Kestrel Jenkin’s weekly interviews with fashion designers and slow fashion brand founders who share everything from their sustainability journey to how they created a successful fashion brand, their biggest eco challenges and more.


A weekly podcast from Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor Clare Press, Wardrobe Crisis is our go-to for the innovations and leaders in the sustainable fashion world. Expect conversations with the world’s thought leaders around fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism and the environment. 


A layered and dynamic business-focussed podcast, sharing the stories of entrepreneurs and founders in fashion, sustainability and tech. If you are thinking of growing a community, or starting a business or already have and need some inspiration and validation to stay motivated towards your goals, Spirit of 608 is for you.


A new discovery of ours, No Place Like Home is a beautiful and spiritual podcast centred on climate change. If you want to feel like you have the power to make a difference, suffer from climate anxiety, or just want to be spiritually inspired, this is one’s for you. Expect interviews with scientists, climate activists, cultural leaders and more. 


Want practical advice on tips on how to tread more lightly? Hosted by SBS radio journalist Julia Carr-Catzel, Think: Sustainability is a wealth of info. It takes sustainability-focussed current affairs topics and dives deep, making the discussion relevant to our individual lives.


The original source of all things toxins, Alexx Stuart has created a movement of loyal followers wanting to make better choices for themselves and the planet. From deep dives with experts on eating food to heal, breath specialists, eco home builders and the perils of endocrine disruptors, her huge bank of episodes on The Low Tox Life Podcast will keep you going for hours. 


A new-ish one on the block having launched late in 2020, Sustainability Further is hosted by Lottie Dalziel, the founder of eco supplies online store Banish. Episodes are relatively short – from 15-25 minutes, and are designed to make Australians more environmentally sustainable. Lottie chats with activists and industry leaders who all have fire in their belly when it comes to the climate crisis.


Sarah Wilson’s passion for climate justice is woven into her fabric and her passion is clear in all facets of her life. We’ve loved her New York Times bestsellers, including First We Make The Beast Beautiful and her latest book This One Wild and Precious Life, and could not be more excited at the launch of her podcast Wild with Sarah Wilson where she interviews activists and change-makers including Sia, David Pocock and Seth Godin.


Hosted by entrepreneur and psychologist Pru Chapman, One Wild Ride is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and even sportspeople whose focus is all on making a positive impact on the world. Some of our favourite episodes include Outland Denim’s James Bartle, Lunch Lady’s Louise Bannister and Bank Australia’s Fiona Nixon. 


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