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Eco apps to simplify your life

Need some help changing your habits? Try these free apps 



Whether it’s checking the active ingredients of your favourite moisturiser or lippie, or investigating whether your favourite fashion brand is ethically produced, these clever little apps are here to help.


If you live in an apartment and find composting a logistical nightmare, ShareWaste was created for you. Tap into composters and worm farm cultivators in your area, it’s as simple as typing in your postcode – dating app style – and wait to be matched with your closest compost bin!


Confused about which container goes in which bin and whether it can get recycled at all? Us too! That’s why we love Recycle Mate so much. Scan the object you would like to recycle with your smart phone’s camera and it will tell you whether it’s recyclable or not. 

Think Dirty

Knowledge is power and Think Dirty is a handy catalogue of personal care ingredients and products – the good, the bad and the ugly – that fits right in your pocket. Scan your favourite products to find out their rating and browse well-rated alternatives if your current faves don’t score so well. This one’s a must if you’re planning to make the switch to natural skincare and makeup.  

Good On You

Navigating the world of fashion can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding out about supply chains and labour practices, but Good On You has stepped in to make the process a little easier. Use the search function to find info on a specific brand or check out the news tab for info on what’s trending. The ‘offers’ tag is a great shopping feature that will save you a few dollars on purchases too. We also love that it offers alternatives.


Need a reminder to switch the lights off? What about separate your recycling or compost your veg scraps? Today is an app that helps you change the habits that mean the most to you. Simply type in what you want to achieve and a little reminder will pop up on your screen to help you on your way.  

Done Good

This one’s essentially a marketplace for feel-good finds. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, pets, outdoor gear or kids’ products, one touch will allow you to find brands with a social conscience. You can also search for brands according to their values, for instance, whether it supports its workers or is owned by women, its products are recycled or upcycled, it gives back to the community or is GMO free.

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