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The natural hair brands your locks will love

We road test the best clean shampoo and conditioner

When we first began Green+Simple there were hardly any clean hair brands on the market, and the ones we could find left our hair feeling lacklustre and generally lifeless. Thankfully, a lot has changed in the last two years. Where once there was a dearth of eco hair care we now have salon-approved options, and some amazing ones at that! After some intensive road testing we can safely say we have found the brands that deliver what they promise on the bottle. What’s more, many of them also have a great range of styling products too. And some are easily found in the chemist or supermarket. Here are our faves.

Evo hair 

We were lucky enough to trial their new curl range and hallelujah, it truly works on thick, unruly and wavy hair. The Liquid Rollers curl balm is on par with Aveda’s Be Curly, curl enhancer. It’s formulations are free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals like DEA and propylene glycol and it’s packaging includes recycled post-consumer plastic. It also offsets carbon emissions and supports charity partners and sustainable hair salons. 

Eco Store 

As far as clean haircare you’ll find in the supermarket or the chemist goes, Eco Store’s shampoo and conditioner range is always a go-to for us. It’s no-fuss, and free from your regular roster of sulphates, parabens, silicon and synthetic dyes and fragrances. What’s more, the bottles are made from sugar cane plastics (not petrochemicals) and are recyclable. The range comes in normal, dry, damaged and coloured (our favourite) and sensitive and you can even buy it in a five litre bottle.


We’re huge fans of Aveda, not only for their high-performance formulations but their factories are also powered by 100 per cent wind power. The company also offsets any carbon emissions created via its offices and aerosol products. They smell incredible – thanks to plant-based fragrances – use fully recyclable post-consumer plastics and most products are up to 98 percent natural.  We also love the larger sizing options so you can save on packaging. 

Original & Mineral

If you are used to buying your shampoo and conditioner from your hairdresser, Original & Mineral is for you. Its products are on par with any salon product, without any of the nasties. And in fact they use some of our favourite native Australian ingredients including Lilly Pilly, Banksia Flower, Quandong, Tasmanian Sea Kelp and Davidson Plum. We love their hydrating shampoo and conditioner. And are huge fans of their detangling spray, which founder Jose created with the help of her kids. 

Moo Goo

We were fans of their baby products from the get go, and more recently we have discovered Moo Goo shampoo and conditioner. It’s a favourite for our kids, it comes in handy 1-litre pump packs which sit in the shower ready for hair washing day, and we are safe in the knowledge that its ingredients are good enough to eat.

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