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Our ultimate DIY body scrub

All you need is 3 ingredients…

By Erica Watson 

Did you know you can make a tonne of beauty and personal care products from items in your pantry? An invigorating DIY body scrub is one of our favourites. Super simple to make, it’s great for a little at-home self-care session, perfect for sloughing off dry skin and leaving you feeling moisturised and refreshed. We leave ours in a jar in the shower for easy access. Here’s our ultimate guide to making your own skin nourishing body scrub.

Where to start 

When it comes to DIY body scrubs, the possibilities really are only bound by your imagination – or what’s in the pantry. Get creative, mix and match, consider it a little experiment as well as a vehicle for feeling and looking great.  

What you’ll need

An exfoliant; 

This can be sugar (such as granulated, raw or brown), coffee grounds (this is a great way to recycle plunger or machine grinds), rolled oats (consider oats if you have particularly sensitive skin), or Epsom salts.

A carrier oil; 

This can be any type of oil you have in the pantry, however olive or coconut are our preference but grapeseed, jojoba, almond or avocado oil will also do the trick.

Essential oils 

Think peppermint, lavender and citrus notes. If you don’t have essential oils, don’t worry, you could use herbs, lemon or orange zest, vanilla extract or honey. Go with scents you love or that leave you feeling invigorated. 


Add 1 cup of your chosen exfoliant to half a cup of carrier oil and a couple of drops of your essential oils or teaspoon of your herbs or extracts. Whisk until combined and store in a sterilised mason jar or lidded container. Voila! Silky smooth skin on repeat! 


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