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The pantry staple we can’t live without

Why we’ve got white vinegar on high rotation

When it comes to pantry staples that have myriad uses apple cider vinegar – or ACV as it’s also affectionately known –  is the current trending favourite. However, the often forgotten standard white vinegar has been a household mainstay for decades – you probably remember your Grannie using it for just about everything – and for good reason too. From weed control to salad dressing, household cleaning and even beauty applications, here are some of the many ways to use white vinegar.

In the laundry

Think of white vinegar as your new laundry saviour thanks to its acidic properties. Add a capful to white washes for brighter whites. For tougher stains – including yellow marks from over bleaching – add 2 cups to a bucketful of water and soak overnight. 

Cleaning powerhouse

Use in a DIY kitchen spray (just add bi-carb soda and water), on floors, glass and windows (dilute vinegar with 1 part warm water). You can even use this miracle liquid to clean your automatic coffee machine by running a brewing cycle using vinegar instead of coffee. 

Garden secrets

On one hand, adding two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar to a vase of flowers will extend their life and keep them blooming for days longer than normal. While pouring concentrated white vinegar on a patch of grass or weeds will have the same effect as chemical weed killers. 

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