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How to make our DIY kitchen spray

Say bye-bye to chemical laden sprays with our easy non-toxic cleaner

If the thought of making your own cleaning product puts your head into a spin, we’re here to tell you it’s easier than you think. You’re likely to have all the items you’re going to need lurking somewhere in your pantry and if that isn’t incentive enough, how about if we told you your DIY cleaning spray is going to help simplify your life by saving on expensive cleaning products, and reducing the chemicals under the kitchen sink? Told you, it’s a winner! 

Making your own kitchen spray is one of the easiest home DIY project you can undertake. Here’s what you’ll need;

  1. Spray bottle – glass is always a great option, but rushing out to buy one isn’t necessary. Do a quick scout around your bathroom, laundry or kitchen, any old spray bottle will do the trick.
  2. White Vinegar 
  3. Bi-carb soda 
  4. Water – and yes, straight from the tap is fine. 


Mix three parts water to one part vinegar, add two teaspoons of bicarb soda to your mix. To get rid of the vinegar smell add a few drops of essential oils – think lemon, peppermint or lavender, but really, just go with whatever you love. This is a great all-purpose recipe for a quick wipe down and refresh of your benchtop. If you’ve got stubborn stains you’ll need to spray and let the mixture soak before wiping off.  


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