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These 3 beauty hacks will change your life 

From glowing skin to luscious locks, simple tips that work

Clean beauty blogger, Shahrzad from THESPOTBEAUTY gives us the low-down on her top 3 beauty hacks using natural ingredients. 


Want glowing gorgeous skin? You need papaya. “Mash it up and put it on your skin like a mask,” explains Shahrzad. “The natural enzymes in the fruit will exfoliate your skin and help it look brighter and fresh. Leave it on for 30 mins before rinsing off with water.”

Apple cider vinegar 

“ACV is my natural beauty staple,” says Shahrzad.  “Apply it like a toner and watch skin decongest and look more luminous. It works well for all skin types but dilute the mixture with water if your skin is quite sensitive.” 

Castor oil 

“If you’re after fuller brows, longer lashes and thicker more lustrous hair, you need castor oil,” says Shahrzad.  “This is my favourite beauty hack, one simple ingredient and watch hair grow.” Shahrzad advises applying a small amount,  leaving it on overnight and rinsing off in the morning.

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