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Why we can’t get enough of native Australian plants

Drought-tolerant, pet friendly, low maintenance; what’s not to love?

Did you know there’s around 24,000 species of Australian native plants and they’re all winners if you want a bountiful garden with minimal water use. Native plants are typically drought-tolerant and animal-friendly, and although they will need nurturing in the beginning, once established, you’ll find them rewarding to live with, and so will the local wildlife too. Here are some of our favourites. 


Birdsnest, Elkhorn or Staghorn ferns are an excellent choice to create max green coverage for minimal effort. They’ll create a beautiful rainforest effect in your yard (and indoors), and thrive by the coast. 


Is there anything more iconic than those little red brush flowers? Not only are they fast growing they’re also a magnet for wildlife, so if you love having little friends around these are a great choice. 


With large palm-like fronds, cycads create beautiful focal points. They can be planted in soil, likewise in pots, and love soaking up plenty of sun. Water when soil becomes dry to touch.   


These giant lilies are tough as nails and perfect for those who aren’t so great at remembering to get out the hose. The red flowers will also attract nectar-feeding birds. 


While many natives can feel a little harsh, Australian daisies are quite the opposite. The little white and blue flowers will grow just about anywhere but if you prefer more colour, Everlasting daisies – or paper daisies – will add a lovely burst of pink wherever you grow them. 

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