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How to create the ultimate sustainable home office

Make WFH better for you and the planet

There’s no denying COVID-19 has not only changed the way live, but also how we work. And while some of us have already started to venture back into the familiarity of our offices, others are making WFH the norm. Having the right type of set up not only does wonders for your productivity and wellbeing, but it can also be planet friendly. Here’s how to set up your ultimate sustainable and eco-friendly home office:

Buy second hand 

Rather than kitting out your WFH space with brand new everything, see if you can buy second hand first. Try gumtree, eBay and Facebook marketplace for some great finds near you.

Think before you print

Do you really need to print out those documents in the first place? After a quick glance they’ll likely just end up in the bin, so skip the printer and go paperless. If you do need a hardcopy, opt for double-sided printing. 

Turn off appliances 

Shutting a computer down at the end of the day and turning power off at the socket will save on both energy and bills. And don’t forget about your lights. If space permits, try to set yourself up near a window and opt for a desk lamp. 

Grab a jumper

With the temperature beginning to drop it’s easy to flick on the heater, but you can save on energy bills by resisting the urge and opting for an extra layer of clothing instead. Not only will it keep you warm, your bank balance – and the planet – will appreciate it too 

Add plants to your space

Adding greenery doesn’t just look great, it will have a lovely calming effect on your WFH space. Plants also purify the air around us. If you’re not a green thumb, try easy to care for varieties such as a Peace Lily or succulents for maximum impact with minimal upkeep.

Recycle your e-waste 

Got an old computer, laptop, monitor, mouse or phone? Dispose of them thoughtfully via an e-waste recycling centre. Try Planet Ark or a quick Google search to find recyclers near you. Aldi is also a great spot to dispose of any old batteries too.  

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