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5 reasons to keep your love affair with coconut oil alive

Coconut oil may have already had its ‘moment’ in the wellness world, but here’s why we’re not giving up on it altogether

Over the last few years it seems every health expert worth their weight in kombucha has extolled the benefits of cooking with coconut oil. Until they didn’t. While recent research may have seen a swing away from the tropical scented stuff, it doesn’t mean you should totally discount it completely, in fact, there’s plenty of other uses for coconut oil other than your favourite stir fry or salad. Here are our top picks.

In your hair 

Forget expensive hair masks, a slather of good old coconut oil will keep strands luxuriously hydrated. Avoid venturing into greasy territory by applying it sparingly and concentrating on the ends. You’ll have shiny locks in no time. 

As a makeup remover 

Now there’s no excuse to roll into bed at night without taking your makeup off. Apply to your face with your fingers, using circular motions to remove dirt, oil, mascara and foundation. Remove it – and the junk – with warm water on a cotton or muslin cloth then follow with your favourite moisturiser. 

For dental health 

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that involves swishing oil around your mouth. Using coconut oil is said to help kill bacteria that forms in your mouth (aka bad breath) and can improve your overall dental health. Try it using 1 tablespoon for five to 10 minutes – working up to about 20 minutes each morning. 

As a body moisturiser 

Coconut oil is a super simple and very effective moisturiser, especially for dry or sensitive skin. It’s also a great option for kids and babies. No great trick here, just apply as you would your favourite body lotion. Avoid your face if you’re concerned about clogged pores. 

On your cuticles 

Keep your nails in tip top shape by using coconut oil on your cuticles. It’ll keep your nails looking like you’ve just come from a beauty spa. Just massage it in to your nail bed and follow up with your favourite hand cream. Voila. 


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