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Multi-tasking skincare that’s good for you

We reveal the best multi-tasking products to save you minutes and money

If you love the idea of a streamlined, natural and toxin-free skincare regime, investing in a few hard working products will change your life, says natural makeup artist, Nina Weston.

“Less is more! I strongly believe that it is better to buy fewer products but buy better. Not only is this approach more eco-friendly, it also saves you money in the long term as you are not left with under-performing products you barely use,’’ Nina says.

“If I had to use just two skincare products it would be a natural cream cleanser and pure face oil. But you can also pair down the rest of your routine by looking for multitasking products when it comes to makeup and body care. Many brands are now making all-in-one body and hair cleansing bars, for example, a lipstick can also be a blush, a body oil can also be a hair serum.

Our picks…

1. Cream cleanser

For those with a penchant for luxury, MV Skincare is unsurpassed in its formula, and it’s Australian, Nina says.

Or try Rohr Remedy’s Rosalina face cleanser, which draws on Australian bush medicine for its formula.

2. Face oil

Go for a single oil type, such as rosehip or jojoba oil if on a budget. If you’ are after something more targeted, opt for a skin elixir containing a mix of super natural oils, “the Vintner’s Daughter is my dream repair serum,” Nina says.

Also try, SKIN by ecostore Multi-Nutrient facial oil. Affordable and a current staple in our daily skincare routine.

3. Coconut oil

It doubles as a cleanser and moisturiser. “I also love to use it as a hair-finishing product to define curls, treat brittle ends and add shine to the hair. Also great for oil-pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique to naturally detoxify the mouth,” says Nina.

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