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The natural deodorants that actually work

Chemicals in conventional deodorants stink, but that doesn’t mean you need to!

Natural deodorant has come a mighty long way since the days of hippy crystals that looked pretty but an hour in left you smelling like you’ve just pulled a shower free week at Burning ManThe new wave of natural deodorant pastes and sprays use blends of natural oils that go to work killing bacteria rather than conventional ingredients like aluminum, synthetic fragrance and parabens which essentially work as sweat blockers. Not only do they smell great, these natural deodorants really do work. Even for the gym junkies among us!

Rohr Remedy Australian Wildflower deodorant

Best for: all-round use 

Aluminium free, this roll-on is made from Australian wildflower essential oils. It uses Rosalina oil – a sister of tea tree – that has great antimicrobial properties as well as woody-scented Kunzea oil that’s been used for treating inflammation. You’ll still sweat – remember it’s not an antiperspirant – but it has kept us odour free most of the time – even after a gym class.rohr remedy australian wildflower-deodorant


APHA.LAB Free-From Deodorant

Best for: sensitive skin 

A minimal aesthetic and pared back ingredients underpin this new Australian brand and its offering of 100 per cent natural ‘free-from’ deodorants. The sensitive skin formula is bi-carb free, and blends ingredients like aloe and kaolin, in a gel-like roll on stick and has a fresh, dry finish. The mild, earthy fragrances are perfectly unisex and won’t clash with your (natural) perfume. Just as effective as any chemical deodorant, and with a minimal aesthetic that looks great on your shelf, this all-rounder is good enough to convince even the heaviest of sweaters and natural deodorant skeptics alike. 

APHA.LAB Free-From Deodorant

Black Chicken Remedy Axilla deodorant paste

Best for: the whole family

Free from synthetic fragrance, aluminium salts, alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosans, this odour neutralising paste is a sweaty crowd favourite and one we keep coming back to time after time. Black Chicken Remedies also have a Barrier Booster version that’s extra moisturising, bi-carb free and perfect for sensitive skin. If you’re just dipping your to into natural deodorant, this is a great choice. 

Noosa Basics Organic deodorant stick with activated charcoal

Best for: those who don’t want a paste

Noosa Basics offers quite a few options including a paste, roll on and a stick. Their latest offering is their deodorant stick with activated charcoal that has a lovely coconut scent. A great alternative if digging around in a little pot of paste isn’t your jam.


Best for: winter months 

These natural deodorants look almost as sweet as they smell. This is a great roll on that really does combat odour – even though it doesn’t stop the sweat. It’s powered by a blend of essential oils, skips the aluminium and synthetic fragrance and comes in a range of scents – we tried the vanilla and coconut as well as the rose and geranium, and both were a success. Kind-ly also offers an arm pit detox to help if you’re trying to make the transition from antiperspirant to natural deodorant.

KIND-LY Natural Deodorant Rose Geranium

Sukin natural deodorant

Best for: light sweaters

With a nice a citrusy twist, this spray is good for those who don’t sweat too much. It’s a great alternative to your regular deodorant but take care if you have sensitive skin (it does contain alcohol and will sting after shaving). We liked the smell but you’ll need to reapply often if you’re a medium to heavy sweater.

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