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5 ways to rescue dry winter skin 

Natural makeup artist, Georgina Alexandra shares her secrets for hydrated winter skin

Keeping your skin looking (and feeling) its best in winter is hard. Not only are you constantly battling the elements, you’re also contending with the drying effects of heating. The good news is there are some simple – and natural – beauty hacks to keep your skin happy throughout the colder months and glowing for spring and summer.

“If you can nail your routine throughout the winter months, your summer skin is going to be amazing,” says natural makeup artist, Georgina Alexandra. And if you really want to get it right, then consistency is key. Here are the best ways to keep skin hydrated in winter. 




Adding an oil to your skincare routine is game-changing. “Oil acts as the skin’s lipid barrier that seals all the moisture in,” explains Georgina who advises to look for one that’s suited to your skin type. 


Jojoba; “It’s the closest oil to the natural sebum produced by your skin. Wonderful for anti-aging, dehydrated and sensitive skin,” says Georgina. 

Hemp seed; “It has the optimum ratio of essential fatty acids which can balance the skin and prevent and support inflammatory skin conditions.”

Rosehip; “It’s great for scarring and anti-aging.”

Macadamia; Will sooth redness, it’s anti-aging and good for sensitive skin or irritated skin.”  


2. Exfoliation 

Whatever you do, now is not the time to slack off on your weekly exfoliation. “We need to let our skin breath, get rid of the pollutants, and the daily makeup and grime to allow skin to absorb all the goodness from your cleanser, oil and moisturiser,” says Georgina. Regular exfoliation will do just that. 


3. Steam after cleansing 

One of Georgina’s top tips post-cleanse is to give your skin a steam. Simply hold a warm face washer a few centimetres from your face and let the steam do its work to open up pores. Not only does it feel great it’ll allow for better absorption of your products. “Take three deep breaths while doing this,” says Georgina. 


4. Don’t neglect your insides 

“The best way to nourish your skin is from the inside out,” says Georgina. Try adding a collagen or pre or probiotic booster to your daily routine. 


5. SPF

“Summer, winter, autumn, spring, we need to wear SPF,” says Georgina. “Sun damage is the primary reason for skin ageing and Australia has the third highest rate of skin cancer in the world.” Look for natural alternatives or try tinted moisturiser containing SPF. 

Georgina Alexandra is the author of Skin Journal, 28 Days to rejuvenation


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