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Our top 3 biodegradable nappy brands

It’s OK to say no to reusables thanks to these eco options

Put your hands up if this sounds familiar; you’re on maternity leave, counting down the days until your due date, vowing you’ll lighten your family’s footprint with reusable cloth nappies, and for good reason given 800 million nappies go to landfill each year. Then in an instant, reality hits and you’ve only spent one day with your new bundle of joy and the thought of washing nappies is enough to put you into a spin. We’ve been there too.

Believe it or not, reusable nappies also have their own impact on the environment, and it’s OK if you choose to go the disposable route. Simply choose biodegradable options. Here are our tried-and-tested favourites;


Their tag line is: made from sustainable materials that are kind to little bottoms – enough said. We love everything about Tooshies, of all the nappies we’ve tried these are the best for older babies, and they have great biodegradable wipes too.


The main absorbing ingredient of these nappies is wood pulp and the rest of the nappy is made of natural, biodegradable materials, such as compost certified tissue and sugarcane. They are fragrance free and unbleached. We loved the generous leak guards and found there were no leakages overnight.



Like all good eco brands, Eco Originals was born in Byron Bay. Founders Lisa and Lachlan spent three years developing these babies that contain wood pulp filling, use resin and wax over glue and paper for the handy tabs. These are no-nonsense nappies that do the job.


We’re giving WotNot a notable mention for creating these biodegradable nappy bags. Because when there’s a stink, it’s better off contained. Made from GMO Free corn starch they are 100 per cent compostable and biodegradable.


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