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The baby wipes that are better for bums and the environment

Banish the mess with our edit of the best natural and biodegradable baby wipes

They smell nice, clean little bums and hands and will be your saviour in times of need, but did you know that baby wipes, although sweet looking on the outside, can also contain some pretty suspect ingredients? From parabens to SLS and synthetic fragrance, they can cause irritations on sensitive skin and even allergic reactions. But the good news is more and more brands are ditching the nasties in favour of natural ingredients. Here are our tried and tested favourites.


Tooshies by Tom

Brought to you by the folk behind Tom Organic, these wipes are  free of alcohol, phthalate, parabens and phenols. They are synthetic fragrance free but it’s worth keeping in mind they are scented. Buy them through retailers or join their subscription wipe and nappy service and have them delivered straight to your door each month free of charge.

Water Wipes

It doesn’t get simpler than these wipes that use, yep, you guessed it, the power of water to cut through the mess. Made from 99.9 per cent water, the only other ingredient is grape seed extract – a natural anti-microbial – making them a no-brainer for newborns. They’re also OK to use on nappy rash.

Wotnot Biodegradable Natural baby wipes 

Biodegradable and compostable, Wotnot is a favourite in the homes of our Green+Simple founders. They use natural preservatives (citric acid), and have a lovely mild scent. Again, you’ll find these ones in most supermarkets and are an affordable option. They also come in a 20pk travel case and a 20pk soft pack, making them great to throw in your nappy bag without too much bulk.

Little Innoscents

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E make these wipes a great choice if you need a wipe with bit of extra moisturising power. You’ll also find them in most chemists, so you won’t need to travel too far to track them down. They’re not too moist which means they’re good for little hands and faces too. Free from alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens and phthalates.

Naty ECO sensitive wipes  

Like Wotnot, Naty wipes are also compostable and made using FSC certified, unbleached wood pulp. The Swedish brand offers unscented, aloe and lightly scented options as well as a flushable wipe. They’re pretty reliable and also easy to find in most chemists and supermarkets.

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