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We’ve found the holy grail of bamboo toothbrushes

It’s entirely biodegradable, including the bristles

By Jenny Ringland 

When  it comes to living a low waste life there are many small changes we can make that when multiplied have a big impact on our individual footprint. From remembering our keep cups, to looking for second hand alternatives before buying new, to the toothbrushes we choose. 

Up until now bamboo toothbrushes have been the most sustainable option because the handles, made from bamboo are biodegradable in your home compost, and in some cases in the soil in the garden.

However the bristles have been a stumbling block because they have largely been made of a synthetic material that won’t break down, which means they have to be painstakingly removed from the toothbrush head before composting the handle.

Enter start-up ASUVI, best known for its subscription model, refillable natural deodorants, has launched a range of bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads featuring castor bean bristles, making the entire thing biodegradable. The handles, are also biodegradable but designed to last. Hallelujah!


Asuvi bamboo toothbrush

Our thoughts

The very fact that the entire toothbrush is biodegradable is such a win, we were sold before we even saw the product. 

On using it though there are more positives. Unlike most bamboo toothbrushes that feature a solid head of bristles, this one has contouring to it, to help achieve a better clean.

bamboo toothbrush

ASUVI has created a 100 per cent biodegradable toothbrush and we are here for it

There is the option for soft or medium, which sounds simple enough but many competitors don’t have this option.

We loved the handle design that features a sturdy base, which won’t go soggy sitting in a wet cup holder, which generally happens with most bamboo toothbrushes.

In summary, it had us at biodegradable bristles, but its sophisticated design further sets it apart from its competitors.


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