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Our top 3 supermarket beauty brands

These are the natural beauty products we always buy at the grocery store 

By Jenny Ringland

The words beauty and supermarkets don’t generally belong together, we get it. But sometimes, like when you’re out of your favourite cult organic serum and haven’t re-ordered in time, or you’re caught out on a girl’s trip (something we are daydreaming of here at G+S HQ) with no shampoo bar, a cruise down the supermarket beauty aisle is the only option.

The good news is, we’ve done the research, tried the products, and come up with out top 3, go-to supermarket buys that are good for you (and the planet), and also happen to work.

Beauty products


Forget anything you think you know about Garnier. The global L’Oreal owned beauty brand began re-inventing itself in 2019 with the launch of an organic range and since then has moved rapidly setting ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint. While it has been cruelty free for some time, in 2020 Garnier was officially given the stamp of approval by the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Program. In addition Garnier has made a pledge to use more recycled and recyclable materials in all its packaging, and in 2020 9,019 tonnes of virgin plastic wasn’t created, thanks to the use of recycled plastic. And by 2025 none of its products will use virgin plastic. That’s none, at all! Their formulations are incrementally becoming greener using biodegradable, sustainably sourced ingredients and the list goes on. 

Best buys: Nourishing hair food, BB Cream 

Garnier Nourishing Hair Food


One of our favourites, Ecostore has a health first philosophy – their manifesto is ‘Safer for you, your family and our world’, which means their main focus is on creating good-for-you products. They’re also cruelty free and safe for the environment. Plus they are totally transparent about all their ingredients, listing them in full on their website, which frustratingly is not a legal requirement in Australia.

Best buy: Soap bars

Ecostore rose & almond soap


Sukin, which was born out of a desire to offer clean, cruelty free skincare at a time when there were few natural options, is still our go-to in chemists and supermarkets alike. Its products are no nonsense, simple and effective and the brand itself has been carbon neutral since 2008, well before it was a concept widely spoken about. Whether it’s a body moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, or toner, you are safe knowing all its products will do the trick, without harming you or the planet.

Best buy: Rejuvenating day cream

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream


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