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These 6 sheet masks are totally biodegradable

Sheet masks for maximum glow with zero eco guilt  

By Megan Prowd

It’s hard to come up with a bigger beauty trend in recent memory than the now-staple sheet mask. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste. Single use by design, and almost always individually wrapped, sheet masks are one of the least sustainable products in the beauty world. If, like us, you’ve just given sheet masks a big miss, we have good news. 

You can minimise the damage from your sheet-mask obsession with a few simple swaps. Before purchasing these convenient little skin pick-me-ups, remember to always check the ingredients. In disposable sheet masks, silicones are a no-go, as they prevent materials from breaking down. Also seek out biodegradable products fabricated from natural fibres, like hemp, kelp or other plant-based materials, which will break down naturally over time and reduce landfill. Or avoid the waste altogether with a reusable silicone or rubber mask. 

Here, we round up the best eco-friendly sheet-mask swaps, so you can get masking without the guilt. 

Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask

Organic, cruelty free and pretty-as-can-be on your bathroom shelf, these 100 percent compostable sheet masks are made from natural plant-based materials and deliver results without the stinging . The sustainably-sourced ingredients include naturals like Greek yogurt, citric acid and aloe vera leaf. We love that these little beauties come in this convenient multi-pack, which includes all three handy varieties: anti-aging, revitalising and brightening. 

Best for: sensitive skin

Orgaid sheet masks

Skin Republic Hyaluronic + Collagen Sheet Mask

This Australian-made product is a real eco-winner. The sheet masks are made of a compostable cupro fibre, and break down in just ten short days, while the packaging is also fully biodegradable and breaks down in around 32 days. There are multiple products in the range designed to treat issues like dark spots, dehydration and dullness. They’re also extremely affordable and available in supermarkets and pharmacies. 

Best for: firming  Skin Republic Hyaluronic + Collagen Sheet Mask

Petite Amie Botanical Brightening Mask

With gorgeously printed, fully recycled paper packaging, these recyclable, natural-fibre sheet masks are certified organic and biodegradable, and don’t contain any plastic within the mask – a common offender in many single-use masks. With ingredients like Niacinamide and organic plant extracts, the results are plump and glowing skin, without any nasties.  

Best for: plastic free 

Petite Amie skincare Botanical Brightening Masque

Andalou Naturals Instant Hydration Sheet Mask 

Compostable, all-natural and vegan, these rosewater and hyaluronic acid-infused sheets  are perfect for a quick hydration boost for dull and stressed skin, and can be popped straight into the compost after use. The packaging is also fully recyclable and sustainably sourced, with FSC certification. 

Best for: quick hydration 

Andalou Naturals sheet mask

The Base Collective Reusable Silicone Ultra Infusion Mask 

This genius reusable silicone mask makes you wonder why regular sheet masks were even invented in the first place. Pop this mouldable mask over your regular serum or moisturiser, and let it do the hard work, resulting in better absorption of your serum and super hydrated skin, as well as all the other benefits of a regular sheet mask, without the waste. Then, rinse and get ready to repeat next time.

Best for: zero waste 

The Base Collective Unltra Infusion Reuseable Facemask


Garnier’s commitment to sustainability at every level has to be applauded. For such a huge company to constantly be making incremental changes the impact is far reaching. Which is why their latest rollout of compostable sheet masks, which can be found in your super market aisle, hold so much sway. Our favourite is the Hydra Bomb with hyaluronic acid and chammomile for dry and sensitive skin.

Garnier sheet mask

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