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Indoor plants to detox your home

These indoor plants aren’t just pretty, according to NASA they clean the air inside your home too

It’s probably no surprise that in 2020, Australians bought more plants than any other year on record, spending $2.6 billion on more than 2 billion plants. Indoor plant sales grew by 9 per cent, confirming our collective desire to add life to our homes, in the shape of ferns, fiddle leaves and succulents.

It also turns out indoor plants do more than just serve as drool-worthy decoration. According to a study by NASA, they actually have the ability to clean your air of toxins including common nasties like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia. Not only that, they can also boost your mood and make you feel less stressed too.

TOP 5 air purifying plants for your home

Peace Lily

A favourite in the G+S office and one of the easiest indoor plants to keep alive! Trust us! It rates as one of the highest for air purification and its white flowers are gorgeous. But beware, they can be toxic to cats and dogs so make sure you keep them out of reach of your furry friends.

English Ivy

Climbing plants are this season’s hottest accessories so ivy really is one for the win. It’s fast growing and is highly effective in eliminating carbon dioxide. Plus it looks awesome growing down the side of your bookshelf.

Image Prudence Earl/Unsplash
Image Prudence Earl/Unsplash

Mother In-Law’s tongue

Also known as Snake plant, this one is good for your bedroom as it releases oxygen into the air at night. Also great for the living room or carpeted areas as it can help absorb formaldehyde produced by off gassing from new carpet or plywood.


Need a bit of colour in your life? This baby’s bright yellow flowers aren’t only cheery they’re also great for eliminating ammonia found in household cleaners. Keep in mind they’re only effective when flowers are in bloom.


Aloe Vera

What’s not to love about Aloe, this trusty plant has a million and one uses from skin saviour to toxin absorber. If you don’t have at least one at your place, you need to get one of these all-rounders, stat.

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