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Why made-to-order is sustainable fashion #goals

Natalija the Label is changing the way we consume fashion

By Jenny Ringland

Natalija Bouropoulos is not your average fashion designer. What started with the idea of creating a simple kimono style slip that spans seasons, has evolved into Natalija the Label, one of Australia’s most promising made-to-order sustainable fashion brands challenging the way we consume fashion.

“It started off with simple designs and it ended up evolving over time as I learnt more about the fashion industry”, Natalija says.

“I learned more about my customer and what she wanted. I design for myself, and I am my own customer. I want better fitting, uncomplicated clothing, in quality materials and but not uncompromising on style.’’

A pivotal moment for the label was when COVID first hit and Natalija realised she couldn’t rely on any of her retail partners. She swiftly switched to direct-to-consumer, introducing her  current made-to-order model. 

“We offer tailored fits to women’s heights and measurements, it’s personalised clothing so women can get better fitting clothing. I don’t believe fashion should be a one style fits all formula,’’ she says.

“It’s not completely custom made, but if we can offer some kind of choice and variation, when they pick their slip dress, I think that’s what sets us apart as a fashion label.”

Natalija Bouropoulos

Designer Natalija Bouropoulos is changing the way we consume fashion, for the better

While COVID sent most of us into a tailspin, Natalijia, who has a two-year-old daughter Elle, with a baby due later this year, started We’re Here For Women, an Instagram platform for women who were feeling alone or isolated to help stay connected. She used it as a place to post inspirational quotes and had weekly Q&A’s with psychologist Alison Riddell. 

If that wasn’t enough, she went on to design a range of silk camisoles in support of her We’re Here For Women platform featuring bra-friendly tanks, optional adjustable straps, in a size range of 4-18.


By it’s made-to-order nature, Natalija the Label is inherently sustainable, there is no dead stock and everything is locally made in Sydney, however a focus for 2021 is to continue the journey focussing on fabric traceability.

“Traceability of our fabric is the next  big step for us. A lot of the time we don’t know where the fabric comes from because we buy a lot of dead stock. This is great because it keeps it out of landfill but knowing where it comes from is something we would love to know.”

Designer Natalija Bouropoulos

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