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The natural skincare brand offering a side of self-love for teens

Introducing highly targeted skincare for mothers and daughters

In partnership with Inkandi 

Born out of a desire for simplified, natural skincare that catered not only for herself, but her teen daughter too, Tanya Newcombe, a former event marketer and long time self-confessed wellness advocate, created a range of easy use to use skincare that caters for teens and adults alike. 

‘’I was looking for a teen product that had no chemicals, was 100 per cent natural, and one that actually worked,’’ Tanya recalls.

“ I just kept thinking about the fact that our skin is our largest organ, and that what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bloodstream. I didn’t want my daughter to start a routine using products that were not as pure or natural as she is.”

Inkandi’s family friendly range features 100 per cent natural ingredients, made with love with a focus on ritual, slowing down and teaching teens to appreciate moments of calm amongst the chaos of modern life.


Tanya says they made the decision to soft-launch during COVID-19 lockdown as a way of offering families an outlet to ‘self nourish’ each day.

Tanya Newcombe has launched Inkandi, a skincare range of mums and their teens

Tanya says the focus of Inkandi is simplified, natural skincare

“I especially wanted my teen girl to stop in this busy world and give a few seconds to self-love and not just a TikTok selfie,’’ Tanya says.

There are two teen ranges; one for problematic skin using natural anti-bacterial and repairing active ingredients, and one for normal skin, with an additional ‘miracle working’ spot remover that Tanya uses too. It’s not just for girls either, Tanya says she was conscious of creating a range that was accessible to boys too.

“A lot of the boys get the T-Zone acne, I wanted to help them to look after themselves, to clear it up,’’ she says.

Key ingredients for the teen range are tea tree oil and lemon myrtle for spot removal, plus nourishing papaya, white willow bark, milk thistle, aloe vera, with natural fragrance from jasmine, rose patchouli and chamomile.

Not just for teens

While she was at it, making what she promises is the ultimate skincare routine for her daughter, Tanya decided to create one for herself too.

“I just wasn’t finding a product which I was happy with either – it was either too expensive or too cheap and didn’t work. So I decided to create a range for mature skin that actually works,’’ she says. 

Inkandi’s products for adults (they are designed with men in mind too) include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, an oil based ‘elixir’ and Tanya’s favourite, the spot remover for adults. 

Inkandi's mature range formulated to help regain your glow

Inkandi offers a range for mature skin, and two ranges for teens

The range, which features ingredients like Gotu Kola, Shea Oil and vitamin rich Seabuckthorn extract, lemon myrtle, jojoba oil, olive leaf extract and more, has been formulated to offer a deeper layer of hydration for ageing skin.

“Originally, I thought we could just use the same thing. But my skin at 49 is totally different to my daughter’s amazing 14 year old skin. She needs to keep her glow while I need to get back my glow!”

Giving back

Tanya, who acknowledges her privileged upbringing (she is the daughter of Australian tennis legend John Newcombe), says her hope was always to create a purely natural brand that is accessible, and that gets results. 

“I never set out to create a $90 elixir that was out of reach for a lot of people, I wanted to create accessible skincare that works,’’ she says.

But that’s not enough, it is her intention to support domestic violence shelters for women and children who have had to leave in a hurry.

“I’d like to set up packs they get, just something to help as they have to leave everything behind,’’ she says.

“And then of course it would be great to be able to donate money or start a fund that supports them to get back on their feet. I want to donate straight to people who need it. This is my hope anyway!’’

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