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Why lemons are our go-to household fix all

Surprising uses for citrus superheros around the house

By Jenny Ringland

A few years ago we lived in a rental property in Cottesloe, Perth, with a beautiful old lemon tree in the backyard. It was our pride and joy – mainly because it required no upkeep. It  produced bountiful fruit almost all year around and as such we were always offloading bags of the never-ending citrus to friends and neighbours. It also meant I ended up experimenting with ways I could also use it around the home and as it turns out, there’s plenty! These are my most tried and tested uses for lemon – other than in your favourite drink. 

Remove underarm sweat stains from t-shirts

No need to throw out those previously thought to be ruined white t-shirts. In this case lemon works as a natural bleach. Spray or wipe lemon juice onto the area before throwing in the wash.

Kills weeds

Rather than reaching for heavy duty chemicals, try spraying garden weeds with lemon juice. As with its chemical counterparts, any plant you spray with lemon juice will die so take care when spritzing.

Super household cleaner

For glass, mirrors, bathroom build-up try mixing one part lemon juice with equal parts water and baking soda. Spray on the surface, leave for 10 minutes, then wipe away with a damp cloth.

Insect repellant

Place segments of lemon peel along window sills, door openings or near any cracks or openings in your home that provide access to mosquitos, ants and other bugs. It’s the oil in the peel that acts as a repellent. 

Sanitise wooden chopping boards

Lemon’s natural acidity provides great antibacterial properties for  home cleaning. After washing your cutting boards with warm soapy water, rub the surface with half a lemon. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

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