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Your guide to convertible kids furniture

Stop buying and start transforming with these brilliant finds 

By Erica Watson 

Fact; kids grow quickly. And it’s not just clothes and shoes they outgrow in a nanosecond, it’s furniture too. It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying and updating as you hit each milestone, but if you take the time to consider what they’ll need in the (near) future, investing in quality pieces is not only smart from a sustainability standpoint but a financial one too. Which brings us to convertible kids furniture. A cot that can turn into a bed? Change mat into a bookshelf? High chair into kids chair? Believe it or not, there are many options that will take you from the newborn stage right up until you’re waving them off on their first day of school and beyond. Although they may seem expensive up front, their multi-function (and high quality) means you’ll save pennies in the long run. Here are our favourites.

Babyletto, Hudson three-drawer dresser

Having everything in arms reach is pretty much a non-negotiable for successful parenting. Especially when it comes to changing nappies. Enter the Hudson dresser. It’s part of Babyletto’s extensive convertible range and combines a dresser and change table in one. Nappy gear can be kept tucked away in the cabinet (with adjustable shelf) while clothing fits easily in its drawers. Done with nappies? Simply remove the change table top and use it for toys, books or clothing for toddler years and beyond. 


Oeuf NYC, XL Station 

Who would’ve thought a change table could convert into a wall-mounted shelving unit but that’s exactly what the XL Station from Oeuf NYC does. Treasured books and toys will have their own home on the wall once you are through the nappy stage.  It’s sustainably made,has non-toxic water-based finishes and their range of unique beds for big and little kids is also worth a look. 

convertible kids furniture

convertible kids furniture

Leander, Linea cot 

We made an investment in a second-hand Leander cot (second hand) when our first baby was born more than six years ago. And it has hands down been one of the best investments we’ve made. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, they’re supremely functional and built to last (it has now been passed onto my sister!). The Linea transforms from cot to gorgeous daybed/mini sofa, perfect for story or quiet time with your little one.  

convertible kids furniture

convertible kids furniture

Stokke, Care change table

Often the best-case scenario when buying a change table is  to on-sell, or hand down to a friend (with many destined for landfill) making this little beauty from Stokke borderline genius. It features all the usual bells and whistles such as adjustable height settings and practical storage options, but the clincher is it transforms into a kids desk and shelving unit once the nappy stage is done.

convertible kids furniture

Oxo Tot, Sprout highchair

Investing in pieces that last is something that applies to almost everything. And when it comes to highchairs, you can easily go the cheap, plastic option but it often gets thrown out as soon as your baby gets to the toddler seat stage. Alternatively, you can invest in a quality piece of furniture that grows as your baby grows. The OXO Tot chair is crafted from timber BPA and PVC-free plastic, can be adjusted to your table height and the height requirements of your little one from six months to five years. Plus there’s the added bonus of it looking like designer furniture in its own right.

convertible kids furniture

convertible kids furniture

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