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Thinking about a spring detox? Read this first

Why you need to cleanse your life before your fridge 

It’s that time of year – spring is in the air – and with it comes the inclination to cleanse our bodies, minds, homes, and heck pretty much everything else. If you’re embarking on any type of cleanse or detox, it’s important to consider lifestyle changes as well as dietary ones in order to successfully lower your toxin load. Here are holistic health coach Alice Gruzman’s top tips for a successful spring reset.

  1. Gardening is good for the soul, and the planet

It has been proven that those who spend time nurturing nature have better self esteem and mental wellbeing than those who don’t. 

 “Early spring is a great time to sow all kinds of seeds. Not just herbs and veggies, but flowers to attract bees,’’ Alice says.

2. Schedule screen free time

“We have started blocking out family time every weekend,’’ Alice says.

“ Just a couple of hours away from home and screens leaves us all recharged. It can be hopping on our bikes, kicking a ball around or even going for a walk.’’

3. Spring clean mindfully 

“I don’t believe in getting rid of things for the sake of living as a minimalist, but I do think occasionally we realise there is stuff we hold on to which we never use,’’ Alice says.

“Let it go. Sell it, donate it, let it spark joy, Marie Kondo style for someone else.”

4. Detox your beauty routine

It’s not about completely overhauling your skincare routine Alice says.

“Just see if you can swap certain products, whether it’s buying your Epsom salts by the scoop, rather than the plastic packet or swapping liquid shower gel for unpackaged soap.’’ 

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