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Simple swaps to go plastic free in your bathroom

Making the switch is easier than you think

Did you know that each year over 30 million plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill? Or that cotton buds are one of the most common contaminants in our oceans (remember that iconic picture of the seahorse?). But there are ways to reduce the amount of waste you’re producing just from making simple changes to the products you choose. Julie Mathers, founder of Flora and Fauna tells us how.

1. Swap to a bamboo toothbrush  

“Swapping your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush is the easiest place to start on your zero-waste journey, or really in this case, low-waste as the bristles are nylon and need to be recycled,” says Julie. “Unfortunately, there are no great options yet for compostable bristles.” 

2. Use shampoo bars

“They massively cut down on the number of plastic bottles you dispose of, they’re great for travel and they’re incredibly concentrated, each bar can last up to four times longer,” says Julie. 

3. Switch to bamboo cotton buds 

“Bamboo cotton buds are a great sustainable swap, they come in minimal plastic-free packaging and  are 100 per cent compostable so they won’t end up in the ocean,” says Julie.

4. Try natural scrubbers and sponges

“Just about everyone has a sponge or scrubber in their shower that they probably picked up in the supermarket, but these are made from synthetics and plastic. Choose plant-based scrubbers, like a loofah, for great natural exfoliation, or a Konjac sponge for your face, which is naturally pH-balanced and completely compostable.

5. Opt for a safety razor 

“Disposable razors are probably one of the most wasteful things we use every day. Approximately two billion razors are disposed of in the United States every year,” says Julie.  A safety razor will last years, you’ll only need to replace the blades, which can also be recycled. 

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