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Megan Gale has 6 things she swears by for a mindful life

And they’ll work for you too

She’s a supermodel, actress, fashion designer and TV personality and now mum of two, Megan Gale is adding skincare entrepreneur to her long list of achievements. Her new range for children, Mindful Life Child is free from all the known nasties, uses sustainably and ethically sourced natural ingredients, and centres on a philosophy in mindfulness and connection with our children.

“The idea for each product came from my own experience as a mum – they’re all products I love to use and incorporate my favourite natural ingredients. It was important for me to sustainably and ethically source only the finest, naturally derived, safe ingredients that also had to have some beneficial properties. It was just as important that we left out any nasties,” Megan explains.

With such a long list of accolades, we wanted to find out exactly how she has managed to build a successful brand around her family while doing her bit for the planet. Here she reveals how;

  1. Make mediation part of your day

It’s usually only for 10-15 minutes and once the kids are in bed and before I go to bed at night. It’s actually a really nice way to wind down for the day before sleep.

  1. Find your village

Shaun (Hampson) and I have both of our mums in our lives to help with the kids and that of course allows us to be working parents and provide a nice life for our family. We are very grateful and thankful to have them around and it’s not lost on us how lucky we are and how special that support is.

Megan Gale with her partner Shaun Hampson, both the couple’s mothers provide their support network

  1. Get yourself a mentor

I’ve had a few – Megan Larsen who founded Sodashi, Naomi Whitfeld who founded IKOU and Chloe Quigley who is head of my creative agency Ortolan. Three amazingly smart and informed women who have helped advise and guide me when needed and provided me with wonderful advice and support.

  1. Take time for yourself

My favourites are a yoga class, a massage or even a cheeky afternoon nap!

  1. Make small practical change

I am now more mindful of the products I use; where they come from and what’s in them and how they’ve been manufactured. I completely understand that it’s hard for us all to live completely clean and chemical free day in and day out. I think it’s about being mindful of what’s in your products and where can you change things up in your bathroom, laundry and kitchen cupboards to aim to eliminate some of the nasties in your life. That’s at least taking a step in the right direction.

  1. Be more mindful

It’s about being as aware and as present as you can be day to day. The amount of time you allocate to that will differ everyday but where you can, just be as present and connected in as many moments a day as you can.

Megan’s Mindful Life Child range of skincare for kids

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