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How to recycle like a boss

Recycle the right way with these simple tips

Sure, it’s simple enough to separate your glass from your plastics and paper recycling but what about the rest? There have been plenty of times when we’ve found ourselves scratching our heads over what to do with items like, soft plastics, whitegoods and electronics. And do we really need to scrub out those jars or containers before they make their way to their recycling bin? If you’re anything like us, you want to know how to get it right, so we enlisted clothing reuse and recycling company, SCR Group’s Alexis Todorovski for her simple tips on how to recycle the right way.


You’ve scored an A+ on the basics aka plastic, cardboard and glass but there’s plenty more you can do to reduce your impact on landfill. Alexis says SCR accept items such as  clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and small electronics. “We also provide links to where you can recycle larger items such as mattresses and bedding, furniture, white goods, textbooks, bedding, and even those old VHS videos,” she says.


Alexis says putting your recyclables in plastic bags is a common mistake but it can actually have a detrimental effect on the recycling process. “You may think you’re keeping it all together, but it may end up not being able to be sorted, so you risk all of it ending up as landfill,” she explains.


Before you send it for sorting, ask yourself if it can be used in another way. Repurpose, upcycle, ask friends and family if they need the items first. “Clothing swaps are a great idea to refresh your wardrobe, or with a few quick snips and stitches can be transformed into new pieces. Many household items can also be upcycled for completely different uses such as bottles into vases, or even an old yoga mat into a pin-up board,” says Alexis.


Local council is a good place to start when it comes to specific types of recycling like e-waste, plastics and household goods. Keep in mind some may have different rules for different items – like pizza boxes – so check their website for specifics.

Dedicate a reusable bag or bin for soft plastics – you can drop it off at the supermarket each time you head to the shops.  Check out Redcycle for your nearest depot

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