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Why we’re coveting La Luna Rose’s closed-loop designs

Drool-worthy recycled jewellery that’s good for people and the planet

We love finding little treasures here at g+s, so we were pretty stoked to discover La Luna Rose, a  jewellery collection that’s created using a closed-loop production cycle, using 99 per cent recycled silver.

Designer Rosie Shelton says the waste associated with seasonal collections led her to a new way of thinking with La Luna Rose. “I wanted to create a label which would be part of the new economy that uses things, rather than using them up”, she says.

“If any product is left over at the end of a collection, my (business) model allows us to melt pieces down and re-use the silver for the next (collection).”

La Luna Rose
La Luna Rose

Rosie’s also dedicated to small-scale production, which means she’s across all stages of her operations, her business model equates to less waste, plus you end up with a unique piece – win-win!

The designer also donates 1 per cent of all sales to 1% of the Planet, and works with two charities; Sustainable Coastlines New Zealand and Bye Bye Plastic in Bali. Like we said, good for people and the planet!


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