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How to make the switch to clean skincare

Want to make the transition to natural skincare products, but don’t know where to start? Here’s our beginner’s guide

You’ve created a capsule wardrobe, swapped single-use plastic bags for reusable shoppers, now it’s time to make the switch to natural skincare, but where to start? Here’s how to make the swap from mainstream faithfuls to natural products, says The Beauty Edit‘s founder Franca Pellegrini.

“We absorb 60-80 per cent of what we put on our skin so start by changing the products you use daily and do it gradually, that way you are more likely to stick to the changes,’’ Franca says.

Spring clean your beauty cabinet

Throw out any old or expired products, and give away any you no longer use. “I’m not a big believer in throwing products out, once you finish a mainstream product, that’s when you make the transition,’’ Franca says.

Which products do I swap first?

My advice is to start with one category, and I usually suggest skincare, because most people use products on their face. So start with cleanser, toner and moisturiser. If you try a brand and you don’t like it, don’t automatically think natural skincare isn’t for you, persevere and try a few brands. If you can get samples or testers, do it that way, and don’t think you have to stick with one brand, it’s perfectly OK to pick and choose products from different brands.

What next?

Body lotion is next, as it’s another one that stays on your skin. Then look at body wash, shampoo and conditioner, nail care and finally perfume. “Perfume is probably the most toxic of all products, but there isn’t a great selection of alternatives yet, I find perfume is a category people like to swap over last, after they’ve become more comfortable with natural products,’’ Franca says.

Franca’s top 3 brands for beginners

1. Mukti Organics has two ranges, one for hydrating dry skin, and one for oily skin types, both with a cleanser, oil and moisturiser.

2. Rohr Remedy is a great introduction to natural skincare; they have a simple cleanser, serum and moisturiser.

3. Sodashi do starter kits, which last for a month, it includes their entire range plus a full size sample of their eye cream.

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