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How to reduce your child’s toxin exposure

Kids and toxins: how to reduce their exposure in 2 easy steps

The good news is when it comes cultivating a healthier environment for our kids there’s no need to change everything at once. Like everything, small achievable change is the answer, hooray! Here are Low Tox Life founder Alexx Stuart’s favourite low tox hacks for kids.

Check their furniture

“Ditch foam furniture items, especially older hand-me-down ones such as those mini kids foam couches and cheap stuffed toys with synthetic exteriors to match. They contain flame retardants, which are a group of chemicals added to materials to prevent fire,’’ Alexx says. “Instead fill bean bags and cushions with buckwheat hull.’’

Food swaps

Try and make the switch to organic where possible. Learn about the foods most heavily sprayed with pesticides which include berries, apples, pears, leafy greens, stone fruits, potatoes and cucumbers. “It’s about making that first step and starting to find a few key items that are spray free or certified organic. Even swapping two items in your shopping basket will make a difference,’’ Alexx says

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