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5 minutes with Romance Was Born

Designer, Anna Plunkett on sustainability, technology in fashion and her eco muse

They’re known for their theatrical catwalk shows and opulent designs, but did you know Sydney-based label Romance Was Born has been implementing sustainable practices since their inception in 2005? We sat down with one half of the design duo Anna Plunkett to talk all things ethical fashion.

What does sustainability in the fashion industry mean to you?

I have always had an interest in working sustainably however it was probably when Luke and I first started our label in 2005 when I really started to realise what that meant. We were making custom and bespoke pieces out of anything we could get our hands on, whether that was vintage kimonos or recycled toys from op shops. Once we began wholesaling our products we had to reevaluate how we could minimise waste on a larger scale. We are always trying to improve and be more effective – from reusing our offcuts (or passing them on to The Social Outfit) to finding the most environmentally friendly way to transport our product to using biodegradable bags for packaging.

What’s the coolest innovation in fashion in terms of technology and sustainable fabric that you’ve heard about lately?

Probably upcycling. A designer from the UK who used to intern for us now has her own label and crotchets on top of recycled denim. Europe seem to really be leading the charge on sustainable fashion as their consumers seem to expect it more. Hopefully Australia will catch up soon – I think things are starting to change. The more we communicate with our customers where their clothing comes from the better.

Who’s your eco muse?

Linda Jackson is the queen of sustainable fashion. She knows how to make use out of every square inch of a piece of fabric.

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