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How to start reducing waste in three easy steps

We asked Anita Vandyke, AKA @rocket_science, who lives a close to zero waste life, the best ways to make change

She’s been living a zero waste life since 2015, hasn’t bought anything new apart from underwear in two years, and overall says her life is lighter, less stressful and is saving money. Here are Anita’s three tips to start reducing waste.

  1. Replace your disposables with re-usables

    “These items such as paper napkins, plastic grocery bags and disposable coffee cups can be replaced with cloth napkins, reusable cloth grocery bags and reusable coffee cups,’’ Anita says.

  2. Make second hand your first choice

    “Whenever you need to buy something, try to see if you can buy it second hand first. Look at local thrift stores, ask neighbours and friends, try eBay – make a good effort to try to buy second hand before buying new,’’ she says.

  3. Head outside

    “Being outdoors and enjoying activities such as hiking, swimming or simply just sitting still and being with nature will help develop an appreciation for the world around us.”


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