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A stylist reveals the secrets to creating a sustainable wardrobe

Create a sustainable and stylish wardrobe in 3 easy steps

The advice is nothing new, invest in quality basics, update your wardrobe seasonally with key, trans-seasonal items and before diving into a purchase ask yourself, “will I wear this 30 times or more?” However for many of us, putting these practical words into practice can be overwhelming.  We asked fashion stylist and Wearing It Today founder, Kate Miles to share her sustainable style secrets.

“I find having a solid foundation for your wardrobe makes it easy to get ready in the morning. I know it’s a cliché but a crisp white cotton shirt with good jeans, a great handbag and pair of luxe sneakers, I love the eco brand, Veja, or loafers is my failsafe go to when I need to be pulled together,’’ Kate says.

But before you set out on a quest to buy all the latest sustainable styles, there are a few conscious steps required first, starting with assessing what you already have, and taking the time to edit, sell or donate to charity.


Before you begin on your sustainable wardrobe journey, it’s important to assess the clothes you already have. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed every time you open your closet, it’s time to cleanse! If you haven’t worn an item for 12 months or more and can’t see yourself pulling it out any time soon then it’s time to let it go. Another rule is the one in one out rule. Every time you come home with something new say goodbye to another piece that has been languishing in your closet. 

Start with the basics

First of all you need to make sure you have quality basics and giveaway or sell all the items that you don’t wear, love or feel good in. So, what exactly is a basic? In a nutshell, they’re items  you can’t live without, goes with everything you already own and is made from good quality material that will last. jeans, leather jacket, a white t-shirt, a classic handbag, you get the idea!

Add your personality each season

Each season add five trend-driven or non-basic items, which add interest and personality to your existing wardrobe.  For example, this winter’s trend pieces that will take you to next season and beyond include high rise rigid denim jeans, loafers (this trend is here to stay), a logo sweater, leather biker jacket to wear over dresses and with jeans and a classic crew neck cashmere jumper. Once you have your list, begin searching on ebay or look on consignment stores for second-hand or vintage.

Rules to shop by

* Never buy more than two pieces at one time, you’ll find the third (and fourth) pieces are the least liked and are most likely to hang in your wardrobe with the tags attached.

*Before you buy, think of at least three ways you can wear the item using the clothes you already have. If you can’t, put it back!

*Next, ask yourself, will I wear this #30times? If the answer is “yes”, then you ‘re probably onto a winner.


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