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Bone broth season is here

3 reasons to make broth a daily ritual

By nutritionist and broth aficionado Jess Smouha

Broth is a year round ritual, but as we enter the cooler months, its benefits that may include anti-aging, improved immune function, good digestion and gut health become much more of a priority.

Broth is very much part of an ancestral food philosophy and plays an important role in native cultures and diets world over as a sacred and restorative food. So what makes this prized golden liquid so special and why should you include it in your daily regime?

source of Collagen 

A well-made bowl of broth is a great source of collagen. The glue that holds your body together, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is needed just about everywhere. What’s more, it has the ability to strengthen your ligaments and tendons, your internal organs and provide cushion for your joints. 

Packed with Proteoglycans

Properly made broth is also full of huge, water-trapping molecules called proteoglycans which wind over, under, and around the collagenous fibre networks. Together the collagen and proteoglycans are the “glue” we call connective tissue which is needed to build a barrier in your gastrointestinal tract and prevent the absorption and spread of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, microorganisms, and hard to digest dietary proteins.


What’s more, a bowl of delicious, gelatinous broth will do wonders to your digestive fire and lay the foundation to great health. Leaning on our wise ancient ways, Traditional Chinese Medicine believes digestion to be the foundation of ‘acquired strength’ because the benefits you get from food are only as good as the strength of your digestion. 

beef chicken broth and vegetables
Broth provides a collagen and protein dense hit of nourishment
bone broth
Bone broth AKA liquid gold

Broth 3 ways 

There are endless ways to incorporate this true super food into your diet. 

  1. A straight up cup a day is a fabulous way to enjoy a broth made with the finest ingredients and technique, so well made it needs nothing added, tweaked or altered. 
  2. Try incorporating a plain broth cube into your daily smoothie or warm elixir. Not only will you benefit from the above mentioned, but it is a great way to boost protein into your daily regime. 
  3. Or one of my family’s all-time favourite ways is to create a simple ramen with our broth. Simply add in your favourite noodles, some pre-roasted vegetables like pumpkin or broccoli, some of your favourite store-bought Japanese condiments like nato-miso or crinkle seaweed, and some shallot or coriander to finish.

Ramen bowl

All broths are not created equal 

However you choose to indulge in your daily broth, make sure you invest in the the highest quality. It should be silky smooth, slightly opaque and a rich golden colour which wobbles like jelly when chilled. 


Jess Smouha is the founder of Made For Mothers, a broth based meal delivery service, her passion is providing nutrient dense meals for her friends and family 


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