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How to create a plastic free kitchen

Easy swaps to reduce your encounters with plastic

By Erica Watson 

Breaking up with plastic is no mean feat. In fact some would argue it’s near impossible. From food to packaging and personal care products, plastic is everywhere, so much so that a recent study shockingly found microcplastics in human blood, having already been identified in in human tissue and organs, the deepest parts of the worlds oceans, and on top of Mt Everest.

Just like adding a reusable cup to your daily routine, refilling your drink bottle instead of buying new or remembering to take your shopping bags to the supermarket, there are also areas of the home where you can cut back, and reduce explosure. Here are our simple tips for creating a plastic free kitchen:

Look for products made from bamboo 

Skip the plastic dish brush and scrubbers in favour of bamboo varieties. This eco-friendly material can now be found in most supermarket aisles, so you don’t need to head to specialty stores to find them. Bamboo brooms are also becoming a designer kitchen must-have! 

Opt for reusables over single-use 

Try washable cloths instead of those that you use for a week or two and then discard. If you choose microfibre cloths, add a Cora Ball or similar (which you toss into your wash to remove microfibers from washing away with your laundry load). And don’t forget to always use cold water and plant-based detergents

Trusty tea towels 

They used to be the boring gift you received each christmas from Great Aunt Betty, but those kitsch printed tea towels are at the core of a plastic-free kitchen. They’re much friendlier to the environment than paper towel, use them again and again to wrap herbs, sandwiches or veggies. 

Try your hand at DIY cleaners

If you really want to go the extra mile try making your own cleaning products. A little vinegar and bi-carb soda water mixed with a few drops of essential oils – like lavender, tea tree or clove – is a cleaning powerhouse and will cost you a fraction of a store-bought spray. 

Refill it 

Bulk stores aren’t just great for food, many also have shampoo, soap and dishwashing liquid too. The best part is you can try a little before committing to larger quantities. It means less waste and you’ll always be happy with the outcome! 

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