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Why small change is always the answer

Introducing the It Only Takes One Minute campaign 

By Jenny Ringland 

Plastic, it’s in the air we breathe and the food we eat. It’s been found in the deepest depths of the ocean, the highest peaks of snow, the Antarctic and even in the cells of unborn babies. As the list goes on it’s easy to become desensitised and file the problem away in the category of too big an issue for one individual to be able to affect change.

But what if we told you in Australia alone, one tonne of plastic waste is created every single minute, and all that is needed to turn this shocking statistic around, is for each of us to spend one minute of our time changing our behaviour?

It’s exactly what Pearl Chan, the founder of zero waste cleaning company Re-Sparkle intends to do with the launch of It Only Takes One Minute. Pearl, who re-launched her non-toxic brand in October 2020, following a shuttering thanks to COVID-related packaging supply issues, feels so passionately about affecting change, she’s launched a media campaign dedicated to empowering Australians to search for alternatives, re-use and recycle. 

It may not be a new line of thinking, it seems like every corner we turn there is a new initiative urging us all to make change, with very good reason. For many of us it started with the War on Waste and Plastic Free July, there are countless documentaries available for streaming from Blue Planet 2, to Damon Gameau’s 2040 and David Attenburgh’s most recent offering, A Life on Our Planet, and yet our problem with plastic still seems insurmountable. 

Which is why the concept of taking just one minute of our day to address the ever-expanding amount of waste we are creating stands out.

“Ultimately recycling should be our last line of defence. Look for eco alternatives in your daily home or life. We are living in a time where there are so many innovators creating plastic free solutions. Just google it – and you’ll find an alternative,’’ Pearl says.

“The whole message is just take a minute and not be overwhelmed. It’s all about making a good choice, one step at a time. And to not read all the scary facts.”

Re-Sparkle founder Pearl Chan
Re-Sparkle founder Pearl Chan has launched It Only Takes One Minute to create a better world for her children and their children

New York Times best selling author, environmental activist and I Quit Sugar founder Sarah Wilson helms the campaign and says positive action is how change happens.

“We often feel so powerless in the face of the climate crisis and feel that our individual actions couldn’t possibly make a difference,’’ she says.

“But we can vote with our dollar and support companies investing in technology that deals us regenerative and circular solutions, like Re-Sparkle, who are also wanting to engage bravely in the conversation to shift the dial.”


Sarah Wilson is the face for the campaign It only Takes One Minute
Activist and author Sarah Wilson is the face of the It Only Takes One Minute campaign

The campaign is an inclusive one, with support from like-minded brands including Flora & Fauna, Sol Cup, Tom Organic, Ecoriginals, Low Tox Life, Great Wrap, Upparel, The Other Bag, The Very Good Bra and more.

And if there was still any doubt about its authenticity, along with brands and activists, the campaign has the full support of the School Strike for Climate movement. Its spokesperson Ruby Bron says all they want is to live in a world where their future isn’t compromised.

“Plastic waste not only damages our oceans and wildlife, but the production of plastic releases fossil fuels which harm our environment,’’ she says.

“The It Only Takes A Minute” campaign demands action from the government regarding plastic waste. As a teenager I want to be able to live in our world not having to worry about climate change and how it will not only affect me, but my children.’’

School Strike for Climate organiser Ruby Bron
School Strike for Climate organiser Ruby Bron

So whether you are already making small changes in your life to reduce plastic use, or don’t know where to start and need inspiration and direction, just making one change – it could be as simple as starting to rinse all your glass jars before tossing in the recycling bin – can truly make a difference. 


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