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6 of the best eco phone and laptop cases

Creating small but effective change in the day-to-day

By Felicity Bonello

With worldwide laptop and phone use in the billions, it stands to reason that phone and laptop cover and case production is at an eye watering number to match. And while tech companies are beginning to offer recycling and buy back schemes for smart devices, it begs the question, what do we do with our old cases and covers? From compostable covers to biodegradable cases and innovative vegan materials, we’ve uncovered a few beauties to recommend.

Phone Cases


These are a favourite at G+S HQ, and our  main tip is order as far in advance as possible as shipping can take some time. But it’s worth it, we promise. The average person will keep their phone for around 18-24months before upgrading, so why do we house them in phone cases that take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose? Enter the world’s first compostable phone case by Pela.

From day one this business was created with impact in mind. Built with the goal of helping to create a waste free future, Pela phone cases are estimated to take between 6-24 months to fully decompose. By developing products made of environmentally friendly and plant-based materials Pela aims to educate and inspire those committed to making a positive impact on our planet. Better yet, they donate part of their revenue to non-profit organisations that care for the environment.

3 Pela Case iphone cases
Image @pelacase/Instagram


This team knows a thing or two about sustainable phone cases and they’re one of the only manufacturers who have an in-house team of scientists to prove it. Using an innovative mixture of 100 per cent biodegradable materials that leave no microplastics behind, the ecofriendly phone cases in their Eco Slim range have a non-slip, self-healing coating which will eliminate small scratches.

This case also has an antimicrobial coating which kills up to 99.99 per cent of the germs it encounters. But their good work doesn’t end there. They’re constantly innovating their design and production processes to minimise levels of waste, and to ensure less stock ends in landfill. They recently introduced Recovrd – the world’s first ever range of fully recycled phone cases. They’re worth checking out.

Tech 21 sustainable iphone cover
Image @tech21official/Instagram


LifeProof is doing their part to reduce our environmental impact by exploring more earth-friendly ways to improve the lifecycle of their products too. Essentially this brand is all about the ocean. Take their WĀKE Series of phone cases. Made from over 85 per cent ocean-based recycled plastic these have been designed to save your phone and the planet. When your WĀKE comes to an end, it’s not really the end.

Through their LifeCycle program, they can recycle it into raw materials and make something new. What’s more they’ve teamed up with a number of water loving NFP’s and NGO’s, and they donate a portion of sales to change makers who are having an even deeper impact in creating a healthy ocean and clean water for all.

Girl holding LifeProof WAKE Cover
Image @lifeproof / @dominiquedrakeford / Instagram

Laptop Cases


Like most businesses Pony Rider is on a sustainability journey. Between using organic cotton, responsible down, Australian wool and natural fibres, this lifestyle brand that makes ‘durable gear to support a slow lifestyle’ has also found headway in the upcycling arena too. By recycling old truck canvas and creating new products, they’re giving life to old unused fabric. Point in case, their Natural Recycled Canvas Computer Carrier. Handmade from durable canvas and washed, each one will have its own quirks and character, but each features a quilted finish for extra padding. This one fits a 17inch laptop comfortably, as well as all the bits and pieces that come with it.

girl holding laptop case
Ponyrider laptop case


After working in Australian fashion retail for nearly 30 years, and with over a decade of that chapter spent living and breathing the world of leather handbags, Cathryn Wills established vegan leather accessories brand Sans Beast in 2017. And while the journey to discover the best materials for their collections is an ongoing one, their number one focus is to challenge the fashion paradigm that animal products are essential for the design process. Enter the Sans Beast Laptop Pouch. Constructed from black embossed vegan Eco PU, the Sans Beast Laptop Pouch is a streamlined, padded laptop cover with space for your 13” or 15″ device. This brand is upfront about their journey, and while they’re not perfect (who is!?), they’ve done a lot of research on the environmental impact of leather, and the unfair treatment of animals for fashion; and they truly believe in striving for a kinder world, where animals are not exploited for fashion.

Man with Sans Beast Laptop Bag
Image Sans Beast Website


Anyone familiar with Australian sustainable brand Uashmama may be wondering why a business that specialises in the design and manufacture of washable paper products such as paper bags, laundry bags and baskets has hit this list. Turns out this incredible brand has a range of padded lightweight laptop sleeves as part of their product offering too! Featuring their signature washable paper and minimalist design these innovative laptop sleeves are part of our new technical paper range which is both waterproof and extremely light weight. Made in Tuscany from sustainable sources, they come in cour different colours: black, caramel, cashmere, and quartz.

uashmama caramel laptop sleever
Image Uashmama website

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