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The easiest way to reduce your household waste

Composting is the secret to cutting down everyday waste, and it’s easier than you think

By Anita Vandyke, A Zero Waste Life

When I did my first bin audit, I was shocked by the amount of food I was throwing away, and it turns out I’m not the only one. In Australia, over a third of household rubbish is food waste! I was initially daunted by the idea of doing my own composting – I worried that it would be messy, smelly and attract rodents. But it turns out there are simple solutions for all of these issues and it’s turned out to be much easier than I thought. Here are three ways to compost:

Store and take away

Once a week, take your scraps container (which you store in your freezer) to your local community garden, school, nursery, neighbour’s backyard or wherever there is a communal compost bin and deposit your compost there. Google ‘local compost bin’ to see what is available around you, or just go for a walk to explore and meet your neighbours.

Best for: apartment living

Compost in your backyard

Local councils often provide discounted compost bins and run workshops on how to maintain them. Make sure you have a good amount of wet and dry compost. Wet compost is your daily food scraps, dry compost is things like leaves and paper.

Best for: anyone with a garden

Worm farms

You can’t feed your worm farm animal products, but it is a much quicker process than normal composting. Worms are odourless and stay within their farm, so there is no chance of them escaping! They love all vegetables and fruit (except citrus) and are my husband’s pride and joy.

Best for: large families

This is an extract from A Zero Waste Life by Anita Vandyke

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