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5 easy home hacks to save the planet

Simple swaps that won’t cost the earth

In partnership with Your Food Collective 

Saving the planet can sometimes feel like a momentous task. Climate anxiety is real, and each day a quick scan of the news reveals a fair share of doom and gloom. But at Green + Simple, we want to flip the narrative, because we believe that small change has the power to make a big difference. Like us, Lauren Branson, co-founder of Your Food Collective, an online grocer that focuses on connecting sustainable, local growers with consumers, also believes in the power or small change, especially simple swaps. Here are her five favourite – and easy to action – planet-friendly swaps that make a big difference. 

1: beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap

“Single use plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle, from production to the way it’s managed as a waste product and more than eight-million tonnes for plastic end up in our oceans every year,” says Lauren. So say bye-bye to cling wrap and hello to beeswax wraps. “Use them to wrap lunches, cover bowls, protect leafy greens in the fridge, anywhere you would use cling wrap. If they get dirty just wash them gently in warm soapy water then hang them in the shade to dry. Depending on usage each wrap lasts up to a year.” 

2: natural beauty and personal care instead of

Conventional options

Skip the chemicals, synthetic fragrance and other endocrine disrupting nasties for products that use natural ingredients. These items will also more than likely come in recyclable or reusable packaging too. “I’ve only just moved over to natural toothpaste this year and Love Beauty Food’s mint toothpaste is the bomb,” says Lauren. “I’m a complete convert.” Lauren also loves using package free soap strips as an alternative to bottled body wash. “I can cut the strip into the right size bar for the job so it goes further. The soap lathers really well and lasts for ages,” she says. 

3: refillable laundry products instead of Single-use

A number of brands are moving away from single-use package options to refillables. Refillable options are generally more economical in the long run too. “I’m loving Dirt Laundry Liquid. With four boys in our family we wear our clothes hard and this Australian-made, eco-friendly detergent cleans so well. The packaging is also 100 per cent reusable and the ingredients mean it’s grey water safe and totally planet friendly,” Lauren says.  

4: eco-friendly cleaning products instead of regular options 

Is your current multipurpose spray biodegradable? Does your bathroom or toilet cleaner contain synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan? Is it grey water safe? Cleaning products can throw up a variety of problems for the environment as well as from a health perspective. “I’ve gone completely eco-friendly in the kitchen this year,” Lauren says. I currently love Community Refill dish liquid in lemon myrtle. You can return the bottle through us for refill,” Lauren explains of the natural and eco-friendly brand.

5: seasonal and local produce rather than imported fresh foods 

“Health really starts from the inside out with nutrient dense food that’s been grown regeneratively in healthy soil,” says Lauren. It also means it has a smaller carbon footprint because it hasn’t travelled huge distances to reach supermarkets. “It’s satisfying because you’re doing good and eating well,” says Lauren. “It also lasts longer and tastes better because it’s actually fresh. In season now is pumpkin, kale and apples.”

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