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The cult Aussie jumpers helping biodiversity

A regeneration project to get behind

Fashion for a good cause is close to our hearts, even more so when it’s ethically and sustainably made. Enter Country Road, who have not only been doing some great things in the sustainability arena but now they’re also helping farmers and wildlife with their latest partnership with Landcare. 

country road heritage sweats

Over the next three years, the Australian fashion stalwart will commit a minimum of $600,000 to Landcare projects, which will go toward biodiversity restoration projects across the country. Sales from their Verified Australian Cotton Heritage Sweats will contribute to the cause, and become a direct way customers can contribute to biodiversity restoration. 

Kicking off the project in the Namoi River, in north-west, NSW, the first grant will help Landcare to restore 30 acres of land within a third-generation cotton farm.

The project will involve planting native trees, shrubs and grasses along the Namoi River, building fences and installing watering points for cattle, and protecting natural habitats for threatened species. 

country road heritage sweats

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