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The t-shirts saving our koalas

A look at KITX’s activism range 

It’s hard to think of a time before COVID-19 but if you cast your memory back to just the beginning of the year, we were in the midst of a bushfire crisis. Remember that?! Not only did it affect thousands of people across NSW and Victoria, it wiped out precious wildlife, including some 25,000 koalas. Cue fashion designer and climate change activist, Kit Willow, who has thrown our fury friends a lifeline with her new range of Activism t-shirts.

Kit says: “We have found that our consumers are concerned with their impact on the earth and the state of our world. People respond to action and want to be educated to learn more and to be able to make a difference,’’ Kit says.

“By educating our consumers through our line of activism tees, they are able to make more conscious decisions and educate their own communities… we have an enormous responsibility to be accountable and to educate.’’

Sales from her organic cotton Endangered Koala Tee KITX will plant a ‘Koala Food Tree’ with the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. She’s also created designs to support the Climate council, as well as Carbon neutral and Bee the Cure.

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